When the time comes to sell your home, you may find yourself overwhelmed with a number of selling strategies, techniques, and even more questions. Should you repaint? Should you remodel? What are the most important things to focus on? 

While all of these things are considered to help you sell your home faster, they may distract you from some of the simplest, but proven methods favored by real estate professionals.

Here are the two ultimate secrets to selling a home:

Secret #1: always keep your home ready to show

You never know when your next buyer is going to walk through the door. You don't get a second chance to make a great first impression! That's why you need to be sure your home is "show-ready" at all times.

You'll need to accommodate potential buyer's schedules and try to be available whenever they want to come see the place. Don't leave dishes in the sink, keep the floors clean, keep the bathrooms sparkling, and make sure there are no dishes in the dishwasher.

Secret #2: curb appeal can make all the difference

Buyers will judge your home before they walk through the front door. It's important to make people feel welcome and safe as they approach the house.

Don't worry about completely repainting the exterior of your home. However, clean and spruce up your home's exterior with new brightly colored flowers and plants. Keep sidewalks clear and make sure that your lawn is cut on a regular basis. Entryways are important, so you will want to add a welcoming touch by adding a sitting bench or fresh flowers.

Focus on these two things to see more success in selling your home!