Are you looking to sell your house in the coming year? If so, now is the time to get your house in order to sell. Although it will be more work upfront, it should pay off in the end — oftentimes with a literal increase in the value of your home and a quicker sale!

Follow these 5 easy tips to help improve your chances of a quick sale below: 

1. Take care of repairs

When buyers see something that needs repair while touring their potential new home, it makes them feel anxious. They wonder how much extra work owning your home will be for them. Take care of any obvious repairs before putting your home on the market to avoid this potential deterrent. 

2. Remove clutter from the property

Removing clutter will make your home look larger. You may even want to remove few items of furniture to help with this too. Take a step back and think about each room and the story it tells.

Maksure thpurpose of each room is clear, even if it's not how you previously used the room. It can be confusing whebedrooms are made ouas offices, as the buyer may not be able to picture that room as bedroom. Each rooshould have story to tell and be set up in the most beneficial way for potential buyers.  

3. Focus on small changes over major renovations

​A fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest ways to spruce the place up, not to mention an affordable alternative. Re-doing your kitchen, adding an extra bathroom, or landscaping your backyard can be major money wasters if you plan to sell your home in the coming year.  

4. Invest in the first area people will see 

In the event that you only have enough time and money to invest in one area of the house, you should invest it in the first area or room that someone sees when they walk through the front door. Whether it's a large hallway, family room, or living room, you should pay special attention to the setup of this area. Remember, first impressions are everything. Make sure this area is always clean and clutter-free. The first impression may be the only impression left on a buyer!

5. Take care of any bad odors

Bad odors can instantly turn off a buyer — especially things like cigarette smoke, mold, or pet odors. Science has proven that smells and scents can evoke strong emotions. For example, the best part of a new car is that new car smell!

Think about what emotions you want the smells of your home to evoke. Utilize spray and plug-in air fresheners. A good smell can hide a bad one quite easily. However, it’s important not to overpower the senses by aromas that are too strong. A buyer may think you are trying to hide something, or an overabundance of fragrance may be offputting.