It is a seller’s responsibility during the sale of their home to “disclose” all material facts regarding the knowledge they have about the home. Any remodeling or repairs that have been done on the property should be disclosed. Any issues they know about must to be made known to the buyer.

Your responsibility as a buyer is to “discover” all you can about the home.

Sellers are often unaware of issues with their home until a professional inspects it. You have the right to thoroughly inspect the home you are purchasing. It is highly recommended to hire a professional home inspection company and a licensed pest inspection company to start with.

Once the home inspector completes their investigation of the property, they may recommend further evaluations to be completed by a qualified professional. For example, if the home inspector had concerns about the air conditioner or heater, it is a good idea to have that looked into further by a licensed HVAC company.  

Be proactive. Ask questions, and meet some of your potential new neighbors. If you are viewing the property during the day, you may want to drive by in the evening also.